Nicole Kowalski

Second Grade

Nicole Kowalski (Ms. Nicole) loves teaching 2nd grade at TISA!  She lived in Penasco for 16 years before moving to Taos 4 years ago.   Over the years, she has done many things from ski patrolling to teaching trapeze to starting the Glam Trash Fashion Show (clothes made out of trash), and she likes to think that this varied background adds a little flair to her teaching style.  She has also raised 3 pretty amazing kids: Ana (16), Cleome (13), and Atari (10). When Ms. Nicole says “my kids” her actual kids always ask, “Do you mean us or your school kids?”. That’s just how it goes when your mom is a teacher.  


Teaching at an integrated arts school is a dream come true for Ms. Nicole.  In the past, she has taught circus arts (stilts, puppetry, and trapeze) and art to kids of all ages in Taos, Penasco, and Espanola.   Incorporating art and play into the school day is one of her favorite things to do. She organized a fundraiser to make TISA its own set of stilts and she is now one of the proud captains of the TISA Stilt Club.  


Living in Northern New Mexico, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, is what brought Nicole here from the East Coast 20 years ago.  Since moving here, she has learned that this community has so much to teach. Learning about the traditions of the acequias, farming, healing with plants, and the cultures of the Spanish and the local Pueblos makes living in this place continually interesting and life-affirming to her.  She is thankful to have the opportunity to work with the children of this community.

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