Linda Seto

  Linda was born and raised in Lebanon, Egypt and Iran. Her mother’s family is from south Texas in the Rio Grande Valley and her father is Japanese Canadian from British Columbia. They met in Illinois and were sent overseas to Iran in 1945. Her father was a Presbyterian minister with the World Council of Churches in the Middle East from 1945-1980. In 1975, Linda graduated from Tehran Community School, an international school serving grades K-12th grades.

   Linda attended Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, majoring in English literature and education. After graduation, she moved out to New Mexico in 1980 with her husband Peter Templeton. She taught 5th grade in Tierra Amarilla in 1981. Linda and her husband moved to Taos from Santa Fe in 1983 to teach at Mt. Wheeler University, a small K-12 school in El Prado. There she taught 2nd – 6th grades for two years. During the intervening years, they raised three children; Anna Makita , 26, James, 23 and Rachel, 19.

  In 1995, Linda founded the Country Day School along with several other teachers. She taught two classes from first through eighth grade and graduated her last class in 2006. She left the school to work in the public schools and became a tutor for the Native American tutoring program at Enos Garcia Elementary School and Arroyos Del Norte Elementary School. She worked on the TISA charter from 2008-2010 and is a founder of the school.  Linda completed her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in Arts Integration Curriculum in 2010.  Linda is thrilled to see the vision of TISA being fulfilled and enjoys working with such talented and enthusiastic learners.

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