Kristen Torres, SLPD, CCC

Miss Kris is the first and only Speech-Language Pathologist at TISA, having started the first year of their charter.  She was raised in Nevada and came to New Mexico to attend the University in Albuquerque where she would meet her husband David Torres.  Together they have raised two children, one a Princeton graduate and the other a Harvard student.  Their life together has included work in various disasters around the world, with the largest amount of time spent living and working in El Salvador and Arroyo Seco.  David is a General in the Air National Guard and heads the NM State Defense Force;   in her free time Miss Kris gardens, cooks, plays guitar, sings, writes and reads poetry and plays tennis.  Her favorite poet is Pablo Neruda.  She holds a BA from UNM and a Masters from California State University, both in Communication Disorders.  She also earned the American Speech and Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competence and is a trained Spanish interpreter for the medical setting,

Miss Kris makes each session fun while taking an analytical approach to each student and their progress.  She enjoys the collaborative process when parents, teachers and therapist all understand the goals and work together to help each child meet them.  She makes it a point to integrate school work into her sessions whenever possible.  She generally has about 8-12 children on her caseload at TISA and works one day a week with those students both individually and in small group.