Arthur Coleman

Third Grade

A newcomer to Taos, Arthur moved here recently from Santa Fe, where he taught for three years at a bilingual public school called El Camino Real in grades 3, 5, and 6. Originally from New York, Arthur loves living in the mountains of northern New Mexico. He enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, and all sorts of other outdoor activities. 

Arthur got his Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Hunter College in New York City. His language skills were useful in his previous job as a content editor for an online news service. He left that career in order to find work that was less computer-based and that would offer the opportunity to be more of service to others. In Santa Fe, he enrolled in the teaching program at Santa Fe Community College while working full-time at El Camino. 
He is currently in the process of obtaining a Master’s degree in Education from Highlands University. Meanwhile, Arthur enjoys doing activities that further advance his learning, especially related to Spanish language and culture. Over the summer, he travelled to Spain in order to attend a course for teachers of Spanish as a second language. He is excited about teaching 3rd grade in such a creative environment as TISA, and he plans on making Spanish instruction an important part of this year’s curriculum. 

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