Curriculum Overview K-8th – Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings

TISA integrates the arts–visual arts, dance, music and theater – into the general learning process and they are interwoven throughout the lessons using a thematic, interdisciplinary, project-based approach to instruction. TISA also educates with a vision of the “TISA Graduate” in mind, and the curriculum work backwards from 8 to K using two Essential Questions – like the side-rails of a ladder – to guide a student up and through the complete experience. These Essential Questions are: “Who am I?” and “What is Design?” Students re-visit these questions in a fashion appropriate for their class and the content of the lessons.  Below is an outline of the curriculum by grade level.

Student Pick Up/Drop Off Times:
Grade Drop Off Class Start Pick Up
K-2nd 7:45-8:10 8:10 3:40
3rd-5th 7:45-8:05 8:05 3:35
6th-8th 7:45-8:00 8:00 4:15