The lottery drawing will take place in the main office on the Manzanares campus. The drawing is completed using an Ablebits Data random generated program directly on the computer. Phone calls to parents of applicants who made it on the class list will be called after the drawing on Thursday into Friday the 29th. Phone calls to parents of applicants who are on the wait list will receive a call no later than Monday, May 2nd. All applicants will also receive a paper letter in the mail to the address provided on the lottery application with information as to the applicants status. If the applicant has made it onto the class list, a form will be mailed out and needs to be filled out completed and returned to the mailing address provided or to the main office at the Manzanares campus no later than Tuesday, May 17th.

Please note that not all grades will have openings and we do follow the approved sibling policy for students who are currently enrolled. Should we have more than one sibling apply for a single grade, a separate sibling lottery will be held for the open spots. We thank you in advance for your time and patience and we look forward to a new school year!