Patsy Kinney

Third Grade

Patsy moved to Taos from Chicago with her husband, David, in 2013.  Both have worked as teachers for the Taos Municipal Schools.  Their daughter, Melissa, is a New Mexico resident living in Santa Fe with her children Aiden, Connor, and Sadie.  Their son, Justin, lives in Chicago and is a sales consultant for CEB.  He recently became engaged to Stephanie, who will be a welcome addition to the Kinney family.  Since Patsy’s mother is an Irish immigrant, there are many family connections in Ireland.  Aiden was born in Dublin and the Kinneys have enjoyed several trips to Ireland.

Patsy has an extensive variety of experiences in education.  She has taught preschool through college students and has conducted numerous professional development sessions for teachers.  Her undergraduate degree is in Elementary and Special Education.  She has a Master’s degree in Child and Family Development and a Doctorate in Teacher Education, Early Childhood Education, and Educational Technology.  She was a tenured Associate Professor in Teacher Education at Benedictine University in the Chicago area.  During that time, she taught courses in Assessment, Learning Disabilities, Early Childhood, and Teacher Collaboration.

Patsy is very excited to be a member of TISA, where arts are integrated into the curriculum.  She understands that Taos offers easy access to a rich art community surrounded by natural beauty.  She believes in the multiple intelligences of children originally proposed by Howard Gardener.  Her recent return to classroom teaching has resurfaced her passion for working with young people. 

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