Jodi Galyon, Reading

Born and raised in Texas, Jodi has taught in public and private schools and worked with students from pre-K to 8th grade in many capacities, but most often as a classroom teacher.  Jodi graduated from Texas A&M University and began teaching right away in the school districts of Pearland and Plano. She left the world of teaching and began working in the corporate world, the spiritual and healing world, and spent time being a mom to her daughter, now in 5th grade.  Moving from Texas, to St. Louis, and finally to New Mexico in 2014 when she began working at the Taos Waldorf School while her daughter attended Kindergarten and first grade. She taught in Santa Fe Public Schools as a classroom teacher, interventionist, and even had a brief stint as a technology teacher before settling back in Taos.  Her passions are teaching, her family, her dogs, hiking, hot springs, adventure, and ancient history. New Mexico is a magical and spiritual place filled with surprises around every corner. She feels blessed to be here and to have found a home at TISA.


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