Deborah Anglada


     My name is Deborah Anglada. My maternal family; I am the granddaughter of Francisco and Mabel Duran. And daughter of the late Theodore and Adelina Gonzales. My father was a baker,  chef and a Korean veteran. My grandmother Mabel was a seamstress. And my grandfather worked in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico during our childhood.  My paternal grandparents on my father’s side also taught me Spanish as our first language. I have one brother, and two sisters. I am a widow, my husband passed  two years ago to a blood Cancer and battled for 10 years.  I am a wife of 42 years, mother of 4 children, Eli, Maria, Olivia and Mia. I am also a grandmother of 9 beautiful grandchildren and one on the way this June.

     I am a veteran Bilingual instructor of 34 years this year. I hold a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and a Bachelor’s of Art in Elementary Education with a Bilingual Endorsement. I studied at NMHU, UNM, Taos and Albuquerque. I have taught in three Taos Districts during my professional career, Taos, Questa, and Penasco. I enjoy teaching the Spanish language. I have been a dual language teacher throughout my career. This year, I have the opportunity to instruct Spanish to Kindergarten thru 8th grade students at TISA. It has been a privilege instructing Spanish and to have met so many wonderful students.  My main goal is to share the beauty of the Spanish language through Art at TISA. I am determined, energetic, bold, and love to make learning fun with Spanish through the Arts.

     I enjoy meeting new people.  I love what I do; and I am enthusiastic about sharing Espanol with our students. I look forward to getting to know you all and making this academic year count. 

Yours in Education,

Deborah Anglada