Dear TISA Families,


Today we went before the Public Education Commission to contest the findings of the Charter School Division concerning our hours. The PEC voted that we could amend our charter to properly reflect our correct hours. As a result, we are no longer required to make-up Fridays and no longer have to extend the school day for our lower grades. Therefore, starting Monday, February 12th we will go back to our normal schedule as follows:


Student Pick Up/Drop Off Times:
Grade Drop Off Class Start Pick Up
Kinder 8:15 8:30 3:30
1st-4th 8:00 8:15 3:40
5th-6th 7:50 8:00 3:50
7th-8th 7:50 8:00 4:05


17-18 TISA Calendar


Thank you,

Rich Greywolf​