The TISA Equity Council will begin meeting early in the Spring 2020 semester to address inequities that may exist within the TISA community.  In particular, the Equity TISA Council will focus primarily on equity issues that affect students who are identified as English Language (EL) learners, special education students, bilingual learners, economically disadvantaged, or are members of Native American/indigenous groups.  The mission of the TISA Equity Council is to develop, support, and guide TISA decisions and practices that will provide a safe learning environment for all students and provide an education rooted in academic excellence and achievement, character development and awareness, and community engagement and leadership.

The following are current members of the Equity Council.

Sadie Acedo

Pablo Irlando-Wildman

Monica Griego

Nicole Abeyta

Little Bear Maestas

If you would like to be a part of the equity council please contact Rich Greywolf at 575-758-7755 ext. 1003.