Nicole Abeyta

Business Manager/ Compliance Officer

Nicole was born and raised in Taos on a farm South of town. Nicole grew up very close to her family with one younger sister. Nicole has always been very active in the community and giving back to others. Nicole has traveled to both New York and London to perform with her dance groups in her adolescence years. Nicole was seeking a degree in sonography but quickly found that after getting certified in Phlebotomy that the medical field was maybe not for her. She has then turned to helping others through accounting and finance. Nicole has worked with adults with disabilities for over 5 years, not always an easy job, but very rewarding. Nicole has relocated to her hometown Taos, where she raises her own children. Nicole loves working with children and is very excited to be a part of the TISA team. Nicole is happy to know that her children are a part of the TISA family.

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Sadie Acedo

Office Manager

Sadie is excited to continue her journey apart of the TISA Family. She enjoys working with children and helping them reach for their dreams through their education.

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Valerie Cisneros

Office Support

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