The mission of the TISA PTA is to advocate for the role of adult involvement by empowering families and TISA staff to support and enrich the education and life opportunities of our children in order to make every child’s potential a reality.

Our vision is to help create a welcoming, fun, and effective environment for learning and creativity.  In order to do this we welcome all parents and TISA staff to attend meetings as often as they would like to hear what the PTA is discussing and planning , contribute their ideas and help our TISA community and children’s environment grow in a constructive way.

Our goals for the 2013-2014 school year are to create a better understanding of who the TISA PTA is and what we are here to do for the TISA community, create a PTA news letter, locate funding for field trips along with transportation, help with teacher training, find volunteers for set fundraisers such as Bingo Night and our yearly Pancake Breakfast, raise our PTA meeting attendance, and learn how to help our community at TISA grow together.

We hope you will join us and become a part of our school’s PTA to help make positive changes for our children. 

Please feel free to email any of the PTA officers listed below if you have any questions at



Dear TISA Families:


We have decided for various reasons to change the location of the TISA Welcome Back Picnic, which will be held August 26 at 4:30 PM. The picnic will now take place at Kit Carson Park so that there is plenty of room and the children can play after they’re done eating, as our outdoor playground is a work in progress at the new campus. We would also like to request that each family bring something to contribute. In order to streamline, we are asking that the following grades bring the following items:


K/8th- drinks






Thanks so much and we are so excited to see you there!






TISA PTA Officers:

Carolyn Jeantette, President

Estelle Marchasin, Vice President

Jed Noble, Treasurer


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